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                3. Trading

                  The company has the right to operate import and export, international bidding agency qual-ification, qualification of foreign labor service cooperation, foreign project contracting qualification.


                  The company has domestic electrical equip-ment tendering qualification, government pu-rchasing agency qualification issued by the Ministry of Finance, and international ten-dering agency qualification.


                  Provide personnel to recruit training, docu-ment processing, labor dispatch, tracking, management and other services.


                  The types of business involving foreign inv-estment, power plant construction, inter-national design consulting, mining, road and bridge construction.
                  The 4655 women's catch dark blue

                  Material: fleece fabric

                  Exporter: the U.S.

                  Color: dark blue

                  Size: XS S M L XL 2 XL 3 XL

                  4200 men's clothing red

                  Material: composite fabrics (all play composite coral fleece)

                  Exporter: the U.S.

                  Color: red

                  Size: S M L XL, 2 XL

                  Secondary PE rope

                  Material: polyethylene

                  Specification: 6 mm to 30 mm

                  Color: according to customer's requirements

                  Packing: rolled the form/shape/chuck, into carton/bag

                  PE spool
                  Material: 100% polyethylene
                  Size: 1mm ~ 3mm
                  Color & Length: according to customer requirements
                  Packaging: Paper axis / plastic shaft, single shrink labeling, intocartons.